About Momba

Our Mission

Momba's mission is to improve people's quality of life by giving them things they want and need in the safety and convenience of where they live, while using no less than 10% of profits to help make education more accessible. 

Our Approach

We deliver things you want and need, where you live, in two ways: 

      1. Our e-commerce site & subscription service
      2. Our uniquely customized vending machines

But that's not what we think makes Momba special. Beyond giving you things you want & need where you live, we also aim to: 

Improve Quality of Life

Momba (short for "Mom robot") aims to be residents' second mom away from home. Whether it's cold outside, late at night, or just too far away, Momba is there around the clock, with things they want and need, within the safety and convenience of where they live. We listen closely to your ideas to improve our services. 

Strengthen Communities

Momba gives no less than 10% of annual profits to support access to education - or wherever it's needed most in host communities. Momba also works closely with ethical organizations and brands like Opportunity Works to help empower people with disabilities through their work on Momba packaging and shipping fulfillment. 

Create Opportunities

Momba also gives enterprising students, organizations and residential managers a significant portion of first-year profits for bringing Momba to their communities. Student entrepreneurs have opportunities to learn practical business skills, while earning compensation and making a positive impact on their communities.

Our Story

We -- Steven & Heather Duque -- launched Momba in July 2012 shortly after we were married, with the belief that it's possible to build a viable, profitable business while doing good in the world. We've been blessed with the help and support of friends, family, teammates, mentors and (last but not least) customers. As a boot-strapped, early stage start-up, we aim to continually improve our products and services, grow our business, and help people along the way.